That’s my boy!!

Yet again, we’ve come across the ever present, “photoshopping a photo isn’t PURE photography! WAAAHHH!!” debate.

Frankly, the entire argument is getting a bit stale. The best and still most useful argument against the naysayers is to immediately point out that the folks who don’t use photoshop and cry foul when others do, is to say, “I find that those who say photoshop is cheating don’t know how to use it.”

Usually gets them every time.

Now, let’s be fair. Are there times where people take the PP (post processing) thing a bit too far? Of course. Also, are there instances where people take the lazy way out and just “fix it in post”? Naturally. Also, isn’t it easier to get it right the first time and do as little PPing as possible? That is the best scenario in all cases honestly.

So in that vain, here’s a photoshopped before and after of my son, Max Q.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “GOOD GOD! WHAT DID YOU DO TO THAT BOY’S FACE?!” Good question. I refuse to answer; it’s my sons’ face and I’ll do with it what I see fit, you see? Capiche? Neener, neener.

I took a cue from a very well known fashion photographer friend of mine ( and went a tad over board with the photo. Yep, fully admitting that it’s even a bit much for me.

But here’s his point, “It’s not that my client(s) really want me to go over board like this for them, in fact most of them don’t, but I need to prove to them that I can if they want me to.

So, in that vanity, this is… yes… over the top… too much for me. But, it’s not so much over board that it becomes disgusting.

There you go. I never said I’d create anything memorable nor did I say I’d make a good case for photoshopping over doing nothing. I will say though, that if you are truly pig headed about using any photo manipulation, you really are only hurting yourself.

It’s like trying to throw hot rocks at your enemies, you are the only one that gets burned.

I’m rooting for you.


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