So a wagon and an import walk into a bar….

… kinda sounds like the start of a pretty good car joke, eh? Bah, who am I kidding, I was never one for awesome killer funny jokes. I’ll leave that to the serious ballers like Milton Berle.

Anywhoozle, I have to appreciate a good happenstance. This shot here was recently in Super Street Magazine It just so happened that another photog clued me into this location and I had a car to use it in.

The sun was going down and the moon was going up and long ago someone left with the cup; according to Cake, my favorite band. This is almost the exact same thing and thought it turned out fairly well, one shot… no layers or crazy photoshop trickery, just me, the owner and a grip full of speed lights!

This second one that just came out in Car Craft, is another example of what to do with little or no friggin’ space. When you have the guy who’s hired you clambering over himself to get me to stop the driver and have him pull over for an impromptu shoot, you have to be quick. The space was tight and getting the dreamy long shots with the backgrounds all moistenedly smooth wasn’t going to happen. “When in doubt, play with angles”, that’s what me grandpappy used to say to me with a Marlboro dangling delicately from a crack in the side of his mouth, most often during his late night twinky, 7&7′s  and ‘clothing optional’ Twister nights for us “youngin’s”. So, sure why not. Have at it!

I’m rooting for you,


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