Gotta hand it to Nikon

On location the other day I was in need of some serious amounts of light.

It was a dark and dank old brewery that has been shut down since the mid 90′s. The owner and care taker were nice enough to let use the space and have the roam of the place. Well, on this particular shoot, I really wanted to get some under car lighting to create some separation from the cement under the car.

Here’s the final image using 2 – AB800′s camera right and left and a SB600 behind the white Camaro aimed at the camera.

Well, after getting the shot I asked the owners to move the cars and I went back to my usual routine of setting up the next shot. The owner of the white car walks over to me holding the left over bits of my SB600. Sure enough, we had forgotten to pick it up before he moved his car and he ran it over.

Yep, that’s right… a 3,700lbs car ran over my SB-600.

Here’s the proof.

Honestly, I wasn’t that upset. These things are cheap for what they do and I have spares in my Pelican case, so it wasn’t all that bad in retrospect. I threw the beat up speed light in my bag and went on about the shoot. Not until I got home did I try to give it a once over and play with it.

And low and behold did it work! Still powers up, flashes and pops just like it did before. The CLS system still works, albeit it’s not as pretty as it once was.

I gotta give it to Nikon for building a micro-flash that can withstand a car running it over!


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